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Wrestling In Gravy?  This Bizarre British Championship Is Turning Heads On The Internet
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The internet has helped us experience some of the most bizarre food phenomena in the world! Creativity has no bounds and it is evident by the existence of unique culinary ideas. From hyper-realistic cakes to people achieving the impossible by setting world records for eating jam doughnuts, or wrapping food, we have seen it all! Or, at least we thought we did! Recently, we discovered a competition so bizarre that we were hesitant to even believe it existed. Have you ever heard of something called World Gravy Wrestling Championship? If you are having a tough time understanding what exactly it is, then take a look at the video:

Rather than eating gravy, contestants wrestle in gravy! Yes, you heard it right! This is a wrestling challenge where people wrestle in an arena filled with gravy. You must be wondering, what exactly is this gravy that people are wrestling in, let us fill you in. Don’t mistake it for the masaledar desi gravy, the championship uses the British version of gravy. The gravy is prepared from meat stock, thickened with flour and seasoned with salt and pepper. It is traditionally served with meatloaf, biscuits (a variety of baked bread), mashed potatoes, etc.

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The World Gravy Wrestling Championship is deemed as “one of the world’s craziest culinary competitions”. After a two-year pause because of the pandemic, the Championship has started again this year. The championship takes place in Lancashire, UK and it aims at raising money for the local hospice. People come to compete in a two-minute, gravy-filled wrestle. The championship evaluates each contestant’s performance based on their fancy costume, comedy and wrestling skills.

The video was shared by @nowthisnews on Instagram and it has 142k views and 4k likes. Here’s what people had to say about this gravy wrestling competition:

“God looking down on us from heaven: “Finally, they’ve figured out what gravy was for!”

“Can you buy the leftover gravy- asking for a friend”

“Well… At least it’s for charity…”

“Welp, that’s one more thing I could’ve gone without knowing that humans do.”

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