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Watch: Woman Eats Pie While Skydiving In Viral Video;  Internet Has Mixed Reactions
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There is no dearth of content on the internet. Just a quick scroll over social media can alter our mood in a matter of a few minutes. It can be something that tweak your imagination, inspire you to work hard or something that simply amazes you. Such videos keep us hooked day in and day out. Recently, we came across a video of a woman who united her love for food and skydiving. In the viral video, she can be seen eating pie while skydiving and it has got a flurry of reactions on the internet.

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In a video uploaded by Instagram influencer @mckennaknipe, we can see her eating pie while skydiving. She opens up a huge box of pie and starts devouring it mid-air. It seems like she enjoyed every bit of it. The influencer made this attempt to support a local cafe that is famous for their pies. And the best way she could do this is by combining her love for food and skydiving. Take a look at the video here:

Well, this is not the first time that McKenna Knipe has attempted to eat something while skydiving. Earlier, she shared videos of her having burgers and pizza while skydiving. This was her most recent attempt. Ever since this video was uploaded, it has garnered up to 21 million views, 695K likes and several mixed reactions. Many people were thrilled after watching this video, while others have left hilarious comments. Take a look at some of the reactions:

“Imagine chilling outside and suddenly a bunch of pies start raining down on you.”

“My hands got sticky just from watching this, lmao.”

“That’s cool in all but damn I just hate being sticky, doesn’t matter where I am.”

“No wonder I just got hit by food falling from the sky.”

“Now I know where the pie that landed on my friend’s face came from.”

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