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Watch: Viral Video Of Classic Gulab Jamun Given ‘Flambe’ Treatment
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Indian sweets have a permanent spot in the list of our favorite comfort foods. Be it ras malai or kaju katli, rasgulla or gulab jamun, balushahi or even Mysore pak – there are so many diverse sweets that we can find across the country. The gulab jamun, for instance, is one classic sweet which nobody can resist. Some prefer to heat it before consuming it for maximum flavor and sweetness. But can you imagine if the gulab jamun was given the ‘flambe’ treatment? Believe it or not, one blogger-nutritionist on Instagram tried this interesting experiment with the gulab jamun and it was quite eye-catching. Take a look:

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The viral video was shared on Instagram Reels by @gauravi_vinay, an Australia-based blogger and nutritionist. She shared the video with the caption, “Gulab Jamun Old monk Flambé. It’s that theme and we are just sticking to it.”

Flambe, which translates to ‘flame’ in French, is a cooking technique in which a spirit or alcoholic beverage is added to a hot pan. The addition of the liquor to the pan gives the dish a theatrical experience and also leaves an interesting aftertaste. In the viral video, the blogger first added two gulab jamuns to a tadka pan. She then added a dash of rum to the same pan and kept it over a high flame on the gas stove. The interesting dish indeed made for a unique twist to the classic Indian sweet!

The gulab jamun being given the ‘flambe’ treatment has gone viral on Instagram Reels. It has received over 9 million views and 169k likes. Interestingly, this is not the first time gulab jamun has been the subject of experimentation. Recently, a bizarre gulab jamun burger also surprised internet users. Click here to read more about it.

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