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Watch: Teenagers’ Sweet Halloween Surprise For A Woman Goes Viral
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“Trick or treat!” – We have heard this phrase plenty of times while watching Halloween movies. Kids go knocking on the doors of every house in the neighborhood asking for treats. People come to the door and shower the kids with delicious treats like chocolates and candies. If kids don’t like the treats offered, they often trick the hosts by conducting harmless pranks. Halloween is all about innocent fun and sweets!

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We all have our choice of candies and chocolates that we prefer. Some of us love dark chocolate, while others enjoy snacking on candy-covered dry fruits! Often, one’s favorite chocolate may not be present during the trick or treat rounds. While kids are the ones who get to enjoy their pick of treats during Halloween, the adults are side-lined. However, a couple of teenagers did the sweetest thing this Halloween and we are sure it will melt your heart! Take a look:

A couple had kept a bowl of candies outside their house for Halloween so that trick-or-treaters could get their choice of candy easily. However, the husband had written a little note, explaining to the kids to have as many candies as they want, just not the starbursts as his wife loves them. When two teenagers came to their door, they read the note and noticed that someone had taken all the starbursts. The kids were disappointed to see this and decided to give their share of starbursts so that the couple could enjoy their choice of candies on Halloween. This heart-warming gesture has swooned people on the internet, making them go in awe! The video has even gone viral with more than 2.9 million views. The video was shared on Instagram by @goodnews_movement.

People were moved by the teenagers’ thoughtful gesture! But some people were confused as they felt that the couple tried to trick them. Here is what they had to say about it on the internet:

“So sweet! And some people would criticize these older kids for trick or treating! They deserve all the candy!”

“Please someone find their parents. I want to pay for one year of martial arts training for each child. This teared me up, made my heart so full.”

“Clearly this is some kind of test. Why put the starburst out if you wanted them?!?”

“Plot twist: there were no Starbursts to begin with.”

“I think that was the trick because he could have taken the Starburst out first and the treat was that they could take any of the candy. But they were so kind to leave some of their own.”

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