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Wait, what?  Pumpkin Samosa Sold At US Grocery Store Divides Twitter
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Samosa is one of the simplest and most-loved Indian street foods. Have it by itself, or pair it with chutney or chhole – there is no resisting a crisp and freshly-made samosa. Even at parties and gatherings, pre-made samosas are ready within minutes and an instant crowd-pleaser. We have seen many frozen samosa available in the market these days, with all kinds of fillings such as pizza and more. But recently, one bizarre kind of frozen samosa at a popular US grocery store has left Twitter divided. According to reports, grocery chain Trader Joe’s is selling a mini pumpkin samosa as a seasonal frozen snack option for its customers.

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Samosa has plenty of room for experimentation.

‘Spicy pumpkin samosas’ was the title of these miniature snacks. The box from Trader Joe’s described the snack as, “Spiced pumpkin and paneer filling wrapped in a crisp, flaky pastry.” The idea behind this samosa was to use the popular autumn ingredient and incorporate it into a snack. Further, frozen Indian snacks are quite popular among customers at Trader Joe’s, according to reports.

Twitter users, however, remained divided about the pumpkin samosa. Some wanted to complain against the US grocery store for ruining the samosa with a bizarre filling. “Please tell me this isn’t real,” wrote one user on Twitter. Others tried it and actually ended up liking it, much to their surprise. “Pumpkin finally gets to be the star in these seasonal samosas, not overwhelmed with too much spice and sugar,” wrote the Kitchn in their review of the pumpkin samosas.

Take a look at some of the best Twitter reactions to pumpkin samosa:

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What did you think of the pumpkin samosa? Would you try this dish? Tell us in the comments below.

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