Vyapaar Jagat’s Environment and Sustainability Initiative Greenpreneur Convention and Awards and National Meet 2022 Powered by and Arristo Associates-Latestgrouplink

Vyapaar Jagat’s Environment and Sustainability Initiative Greenpreneur Convention and Awards and National Meet 2022 Powered by and Arristo Associates-Latestgrouplink
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We successfully hosted The Greenpreneur National Meet Convention & Awards on 3rd September 2022. With this event, we could connect, learn, show appreciation and acknowledge individuals who have helped the environment and are working to improve it.

Vyapaar Jagat’s Environment and Sustainability Initiative Greenpreneur Convention and Awards and National Meet 2022


To better the cause of an eco-conscious and eco-friendly environment, our society must practise social responsibility, prioritise protecting the environment, and keep natural and human systems in a dynamic equilibrium.


We can see that the environment greatly influences how life develops more than we can ever fathom. We make an effort to work for and support a better cause-a world that is environmentally conscious and sustainable.


With this project, we aim to express our gratitude and recognise people who have contributed to environmental improvement and those who are still working towards it. We all know that concerns related to the environment, the climate, and trash have developed into a worldwide issue, and we must address them from all aspects and in as many ways as possible.


We want to thank our Speakers & Guest of honours, including Shri Madhu Menon, Shri Lokendra Balasaria, Dr. Geetika Saluja, Shri Mahesh Pandya, Shri Mukesh Bhati, FIA President Shri Kantibhai Patel, Chairman Computer Society of India Shri Niraj Shah, Dr. Krishna Arya, Dr. Rutvij Patel, Shri Govindbhai Patel, Mr. Manish Doshi, Krina Mehta for gracing us with their presence and being a part of an event for the greater cause and future betterment. Guests & Speakers shared their views on subjects like Many Lives-One Earth, Sustainability in Action-360 Degree Perspective, The power of innovation with Sustainable Development Goals, Eco Mitram App and future of Sustainable Entrepreneurship.


Vyapaar Jagat’s goal of hosting the Greenpreneur National Meet 2022. “Vyapaar Jagat” hopes to recognise Green Entrepreneurs, Eco-Minded-Green, Environment-Friendly, Climate-Friendly Business Owners or Startup Founders or Project Leaders with an Award and media coverage. As it will help promote the concept effectively and strengthen collaborations and networks in this field even in the future.


Key Highlights of the Event

More than 500 eco-conscious businesspeople from around India attended this significant occasion, honouring more than 50 Greenpreneur Award winners in front of 200+ delegates, investors, and the media.


Many influential people like the Green Entrepreneurs, Environment-Friendly, Climate-Friendly Business Owners, Startup Founders or Project Leaders are speaking up and working to safeguard the environment.


Winners of Greenpreneur Convention & Awards 2022 felicitated


  • Janvi Tiwari – Greenpreneur Award – Healthcare

  • Hiran Mahee – Greenpreneur Award – Homecare

  • Thinkgreen Envirotech Pvt. Ltd. – Greenpreneur Award – Water Treatment

  • Manav Jyot Bhuj – Green NGO Award

  • Amiha Agro – Greenpreneur Award – Organic Agriculture

  • Ratna Kalluri – Greenpreneur Award – Interior/Exterior

  • Green India Initiative Private Limited – Greenpreneur Award – Rural Development

  • Brown Living – Green Business Award 

  • Nirman Consultants – Greenpreneur Award – Architecture

  • Aditya Jhunjhunwala – Social Impact Creator Award

  • Ecoli Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. – Greenpreneur Award – Waste Management

  • Shashank Nimkar – Green Innovation Award 

  • Anala Outdoors – Greenpreneur Award – Hospitality & Tourism 

  • Furn Bambu Private Limited – Green Start Up Award

  • IQUBX Pvt. Ltd. – Green Product Award

  • Bhambri solar Pvt. Ltd. – Greenpreneur Award – Renewable energy

  • Rashmi Kolatkar – Greenpreneur Mentor Award 

  • Space Ace – Greenpreneur Award – Building Construction

  • Imagine Powertree Private Limited – Greenpreneur Award – E-Vehicle

  • Achuk environmental solutions Privated Limited – Green Trend Setter Award

  • Solar Ace – Best Greenpreneur of the Year

  • Vivaan Water & Enviro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – Green Service Award


Although, the livelihoods of humans, animals, and ecosystems are at risk due to climate change and environmental deterioration. It was an absolute honour to have hosted this ceremony and award these Greenpreneurs the praise and recognition they deserve for their work towards this more significant cause.


Finally, we express our gratitude to everyone who participated in this auspicious occasion, including the sponsors, partners, speakers, jury, presenters, attendees, and leaders in sustainability. We also want to express our appreciation to our sponsors and partners; without their help, it would have been impossible for us to mobilize people to support this cause.


Dr. Parmar also acknowledged the support of the Sponsors & Partners


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  • Arristo Associates Pvt. Ltd. as Powered by Sponsor

  • Agrotis Technologies LLP is Talk with Greenpreneur web series Sponsor

  • Sublimis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is Business Automation Partner

  •, Inside Building Solutions (IBS), Tea with Susmita, Vilnesh International, by Dwarika Clinic, are Award Category Sponsors

  • Concepts.Green is Net zero waste Partner

  • NewsVoir is Online PR Partner

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  • Vibrant Udyog & In Time News are Media Partners

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  • Kamla Cafe by SEWA as Food Partner

  • Event will be Managed by Mr. Rutvij Pandya and Event Anchors & Hosts are Kavita Bodani & Rajat Mali

  • Computer Society of India, All About Architecture, Wadhawani Foundation are community and Supporting Partners


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