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Viral Video Shows People Trying Matcha Ice Cream For The First Time
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There are some food combinations which actually seem really interesting and appealing to us. For instance, cookies and milk, burger and French fries and so much more. However, other curious food pairings leave us aghast and make us wonder why they were invented in the first place. While we have recently seen many such food combinations from the streets of India, there are plenty of others to be found all across the world. Recently, a hilarious video captured the reactions of Japanese people who tried matcha ice cream for the first time. The viral clip has left Twitter in splits. Take a look:

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The video was originally shared on Twitter an account named Japanese Bao Bao, and shared by Johnny Suputama. The clip has received over 5.6 million views and 55k likes. “Can’t stop watching people try to eat this matcha ice cream from Nagamine Seicha in Tokyo,” wrote the user in the caption.

In the 33-second clip, we could see Japanese people trying a soft serve ice cream that was matcha-flavoured. For the unversed, matcha is a finely-ground powder made from specially-grown green tea leaves. It is often used to flavor drinks and desserts in Japanese cuisine. This matcha ice cream, however, simply made people wheeze and sneeze as they consumed it. Due to the powder being very fine, it entered their noses and resulted in a hilarious reaction video!

Twitter users were quite intrigued and amused by the matcha ice cream and people’s reactions to it. “Can’t imagine if they swapped in some wasabi,” laughed one user while another said, “Is it weird that I still want to try it?” Several others felt that the matcha powder could be incorporated into the ice cream rather than sprinkled on top.

Take a look at the reactions here:

What did you think of the funny viral video featuring matcha ice cream? Would you try this interesting yet bizarre dish? Tell us in the comments.

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