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Viral Video Of Punjab Man In Mercedes Buying Cheap Ration Irks The Internet
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Modern technology has brought all of us under the scanner of the internet. Good or bad, almost nothing is hidden from the prying eyes of the cameras around us. A man from Panjab realized it the hard way when he was filmed buying cheap ration in his luxury car. The viral video shows a man arriving at a ration depot in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, and picking up sacks of wheat, pulses and rice, which he stashed in the trunk of his car and drove away. The entire episode was captured by a bystander and posted on Twitter, and the video went viral in no time.

The subsidised rations available at these depots are meant for Below Poverty Line (BPL) category people who don’t have enough money to get their essential groceries from regular stores. The food here are offered to the underprivileged for INR 2 per kg.

According to the reports, Amit Kumar, who runs the ration depot featured in the video clarified that the man had a BPL card, and he just followed the guidelines to check the card and gave away the ration.

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The video drew some enraged and some funny comments on the internet:

“Not only in Punjab, but all over India people are also taking free ration benefits where they are earning much more than BPL person.”

“Govt should start home delivery of ration to prevent ration chori (theft).”

“This is how you stay rich. Clever thinking. Hats off.”

“See how grounded he is. Even after having a Mercedes, he is taking ration from the ration shops.”

“For your kind information those old Mercs are as cheap as an Alto. They have a low after market value which is why their value depreciates. Probably it could be a middle-class man owning an old Merc out of his budget.”

Meanwhile, reports have surfaced of the man explaining that it was his relative’s car. He said, “They don’t live in India, and park the car at our place. It’s a diesel car, so we just start it in a few days and take a few rounds.”

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