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Viral Video: Cute Dog Pretending He’s Not Hungry Is Too Funny To Miss
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Imagine that you are following a special diet regime that requires you to eat only healthy food. You are at a restaurant with a friend, and while you are eating a salad, he or she is gorging upon a delicious burger platter complete with fries, nachos and dips. Would you be tempted to have a bite, or would you ignore the distraction and focus on your healthy food? This was exactly the situation in a recent video that went viral. In a clip shared on Twitter, we could see an adorable dog pretending to be disinterested in his human owner’s food. The funny clip has left the internet in splits. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Twitter by the popular page B&S, which regularly shares adorable pet videos for animal lovers. “Told you I am not at all interested in all that food,” read the caption to the post.

In the 33-second clip, we could see a man eating nachos and crackers with different kinds of dips. His pet dog is gazing at him intently, with longingness in his eyes. The moment the human looks at him, however, the dog immediately pretends to not be interested in the food and looks away. This happens several times and the resulting video is simply too funny to miss.

The clip of the cute dog pretending he’s not hungry has gone viral, receiving over 8.8 million views and 217k likes. Several thousands of users also reacted to the video in the comments and retweets section, including popular chef and cookbook author Padma Lakshmi too. “The acting here is Streep level,” she wrote in her comment. “When you ask her if she’s hungry and she says no, and you make food for yourself,” wrote another user in the comments section. “Could watch this every day,” exclaimed yet another Twitter user.

Take a look at the reactions:

What did you think of the funny viral video of the adorable dog? Tell us if you’ve ever experienced a similar situation in the comments below.

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