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Viral Video: Chai Meets Ice Cream In The Latest Bizarre Dessert
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If you ask people what their go-to dessert is – you’ll hear ice cream as the unanimous answer! While ice cream always has something to offer to everyone – for the classics we had vanilla, chocolate, and for the fruit lover’s there are mango, banana flavored ice creams. And chai is one of the most loved beverages among Indians! It won’t be too much to say that we are all obsessed with tea. But could you ever imagine that your favorite beverage and your favorite dessert would come together as one? Chai ice cream is the latest fusion dessert on the internet, and it has gone viral. Take a look:

According to the viral video, the ice cream vendor seems to be making the extremely popular ice cream roll by adding a chai twist to it! He starts by pouring a cup of tea on the chilled surface. Next, he adds milk and chocolate sauce and starts working on the ice cream. He cuts through frozen ingredients again and again till the ice cream is mixed well. Once the ice cream is frozen, he rolls it and tops it with chocolate sauce. The chai ice cream is ready! The video has over 824k views and was shared by food blogger @mi_nashikkar_ on their Facebook page.

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People on the internet were divided when they saw ice cream and chai as one! Here is what they had to say about these bizarre fusion desserts:

“Chai and ice cream both destroyed successfully”

“Still forgot to add amul butter and cheese Paratha”

“When you are not creative, and your boss tells you to bring some fresh ideas”

“At least show some eaters for this food while eating along with expressions for type of food in addition to video”

“I don’t even know why people are so hyper about this try freezing your chai in an icecream bowl and try it next day with some choco syrup it’s good”

What do you think of chai ice cream? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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