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Viral Recipe: This Homemade Garlic Oil Will Amp Up Your Usual Meals
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Among the many flavoring agents and condiments we use, garlic is undoubtedly the most versatile. Whether you use it to amp up a chutney or sauce, or simply give your khichdi an added zing – there’s always garlic to the rescue. While garlic is commonly used in Indian kitchens, we have found an all-new interesting way to add strong and flavourful food to your dishes. Introducing – Homemade garlic oil! This garlic oil will amp up your usual meals like never before. Reddit user u/JimmyxChanga posted the picture and recipe for homemade garlic oil on the sub-Reddit r/Food and it has gone viral ever since. Take a look:

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“Garlic oil is made from garlic and vegetable oil heated at a low temperature with consistent and constant stirring,” wrote the user in the caption of the post. He further did a comparison between the homemade garlic oil and the store-bought one. Just by appearance, the homemade version looked so much better!

The idea behind making garlic oil is quite similar to the Indian tadka. The Reddit user explained the recipe for people to try it out and make it themselves.

Here’s The Full Viral Recipe Of Homemade Garlic Oil By a Reddit User:

  1. To make the garlic oil, use one part garlic and one part oil. You can play with the ratios however you like/
  2. Heat the oil over low to medium heat in a wok till the garlic begins to bubble. It is recommended to keep stirring at a constant speed for the entire cooking process.
  3. Remove the oil once the garlic is bubbling. If you remove it too late, the oil will taste like burnt garlic. Too early and you are sacrificing the deliciousness of the garlic oil.
  4. To stir the oil, use a wooden spatula, about the length of three toothbrushes
  5. Your garlic oil is ready. Use this garlic oil to top fried rice, noodles, fish or fried vegetables!

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