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Viral Fried Chicken Recipe Made With Nacho Crumbs Has Confused Foodies
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Chips or nachos, puffs or wafers – all these crunchy snacks definitely hold a special place in every foodie’s heart. The moment we feel hungry, we reach out for a bag of chips and satiate our hunger instantly while satisfying our tastebuds too. More often than not, we end up eating the larger chips while the smaller crumbs get left out at the bottom of the pack. Well, a food blogger has found a way of using those tiny leftover nachos or chip crumbs to make an entirely new dish. Yes, you heard that right! Blogger Sylvia Ferreira has created a fried chicken recipe made with nacho crumbs, and the internet is giving mixed responses to it. Take a look:

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The video was originally shared by the blogger Sylvia Ferreira on her handle @syllygirl. It has gone viral, receiving millions of views and comments across social media platforms. “I can’t believe this worked,” she wrote in the caption of the video.

In the viral recipe, Sylvia explains that leftover Doritos or nacho chips can be used to coat the fried chicken instead of breadcrumbs. She takes the plastic bag of nachos and adds two eggs and a little bit of milk to it. Next, she uses a rolling pin to crush the nachos and combine them with the egg and milk mixture. Sylvia then takes the chicken and cuts it into pieces and seasons it with garlic powder, onion powder and pepper. She proceeds to coat the chicken with flour and dips it into the plastic bag. This results in a crispy-coated fried chicken that is then deep-fried until golden brown.

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Fried chicken is a popular recipe among foodies.

Although the hack to make fried chicken seemed interesting, many people had mixed responses to it. Foodies did not like the idea of ​​using the plastic packet of Doritos to prepare the fried chicken. “She should have placed the Doritos in a gallon-sized see-through ziplock bag to see it’s finely chopped,” said one user according to Mashed. “The start made me want to call the cops. The end made me want to try it … Full range of emotions in this one,” said another one.

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