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US Man Eats 40 Chickens For 40 Days Straight;  Bizarre Stunt Is Viral
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There is no dearth of bizarre things on the internet. From strange food combinations to surprising cooking videos, there are a plethora of eccentric things to be found online. Recently, we saw how a woman was eating pie while skydiving and how she grabbed eyeballs for her feat. And now, another man from the USA has attempted a bizarre stunt and gone viral for it. Philadelphia-based Alexander Tominsky started a new food challenge of eating 40 whole rotisserie chickens, one each day, for 40 days straight. The strange feat has gone viral and left the internet stunned. Take a look:

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The challenge of eating 40 rotisserie chickens for 40 days straight started on October 8, 2022. Known as @AlexiconTom on Twitter, the 31-year-old began live-tweeting his updates. He shared a picture of himself eating the whole chicken every day for 40 consecutive days. “20th consecutive day eating an entire rotisserie chicken,” he would tweet, garnering likes and comments by the thousands. Soon, it became something that the entire city was rooting for as they became attached to the quirky food challenge. People took printouts of his tweets and posted them at pillars across the city to garner support for Alexander Tominsky.

On being asked by the New York Times why he was doing this challenge, Tominsky revealed he did not do it as a part of any bet or a deal with a channel. It was never intended to be a publicity stunt and the attention that came his way was purely organic.

Rather, Tominsky felt that much of the world was in pain, so he must do something that brings him pain to make others smile. “Sounds weird,” he said. “But I just felt like I was doing this for a very important reason,” he said in the interview. His food challenge brought much cheer at a time when Philadelphia was reeling from two crushing defeats in the field of sports.

Meanwhile, Alexander Tominsky’s bizarre experiment has won him plenty of appreciation and the title of a ‘Rotisserie Chicken Man’. Others on Twitter are claiming to be ‘inspired’ by his feat. As for what he plans to do next, Tominsky says the next food he’ll eat would be the Japanese delight Sushi, according to the report by NYT.

What did you think of the stunt of eating whole rotisserie chickens for 40 days straight? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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