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UK Parents Name Their Newborn Child Pakora;  Internet Reactions
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Indian food has a wide variety to offer. There are many dishes that a person can relish. And in this never-ending variety of Indian dishes, we all have a particular dish that we absolutely love. However, no matter how much love you have for Indian food, would you ever name your child after a dish!? Sounds a bit too much, right? Well, believe it or not, recently, a UK couple sparked a lot of interest from social media users after they named their child Pakora. Ireland’s Newtownabbey restaurant, The Captain’s Table, posted the information on Facebook. The restaurant shared a picture of the newborn girl born on August 24, along with a receipt for an order placed by a UK couple. The mother of the newborn had named her daughter “Pakora” as it is one of her favorite foods to have at the restaurant.

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In the Facebook post made by the restaurant, they wrote, “Now that IS a first! Welcome to the world Pakora; we can’t wait to meet you xx.” In the post, you can also see the picture of the baby with a receipt from the restaurant! Check out the post here:

Ever since they made this post, it was shared 1.9K times and has 1.2K likes and thousands of comments. Many people were left amused by this. One person wrote, “I wish we had your food in the USA! A chicken pakora sandwich, yum! And that baby is cute. Congratulations!” Another person wrote, “Next baby is being called a burrito.” Many other users jokingly also started renaming their children with food names. One person wrote, “My parents named me Scrambled Eggs, my brother’s jalapeno popper – I don’t understand why her name is that strange to some of you all.” Another user wrote, “My mom named me Quesadilla. I had to legally change my name after I turned 18.” Someone said, “I’m going to name my next two kids onion and bhaji.”

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Later, when the post started to gain a lot of traction, Hilary Braniff, the restaurant owner, revealed that she made up the story to “bring a little cheer to the industry.” She said she just wanted to share a post and brighten people’s day, as per Belfast Live.

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