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Stranger Things Pop-Up Cafe Opens Up In Tokyo Much To Fans’ Delight
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Stranger Things is undoubtedly one of the most popular OTT series of recent times. Season 4 of the fantasy show was released in July and it has shattered several records ever since its release. Since the show is based in the 1980s, a number of popular culture items from that era have begun to trend now including fashion, songs and even snacks. What if we told you that you could travel back in time and actually visit a café from that era too? Yes, you heard that right. A pop-up cafe inspired by Stranger Things has come up in Shibuya, Tokyo much to the delight of fans. Take a look:

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The Stranger Things cafe, called ‘Stranger PRONTO’ is a collaboration with a local restaurant chain called PRONTO in Japan. originally started on July 6 2022, the pop-up can be visited till December. Simply head to the PRONTO bar in Shibuya Fukuras, Tokyo any day between 10 am to 11 pm to enjoy the special menu and pop-up restaurant. Popular songs from the series such as ‘Running Up That Hill’ by Kate Bush play in the background. Fans can also get clicked with a Demogorgon monster or the iconic string of lights from the show. There are small merchandise items on sale too such as themed badges or coasters. There is also incredible attention to detail, as you can spot sign boards of places like Scoops Ahoy, Starcourt Mall and Surfer’s Bay pizza in the cafe. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect paradise for Stranger Things fans?

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The cafe features incredible details like the electric lights. Photo Credit: Stranger PRONTO Website

Even the menu at the Stranger Things cafe is as strange as it can get. You’ll find some interesting references in the food and drinks section that will definitely ring a bell. There is a drink called ‘Upside Down’ as well as the classic ‘Eggo Waffles’ that was Eleven’s favorite snack on the show. There is also bizarre squid-ink pasta arranged to be shaped like the monster’s head. The pop-up does require reservations a few days in advance and allows only 20 customers at a given time. “Every day at midnight, I have been trying to book a table on my phone. Finally, there’s an opening today because someone had canceled the reservation,” 29-year-old Kimiko Nakae told CNN.

So, if you’re planning to visit Tokyo, definitely drop in at this unique cafe based on your favorite series! What did you think of the Stranger Things cafe? Tell us in the comments.

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