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Quick Breakfast Recipe: This Healthy Banana Oats Cocoa Smoothie Is Perfect For Weight Loss Diet
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Not all of us have the luxury of making a lavish breakfast every day. Most of the mornings are spent hunting for quick-fix recipes that offer us nutrition plus energy for the whole day, but don’t take much time and effort in the kitchen. You’ll all agree that smoothie is one such recipe that we can turn to during such times. Just throw in your favorite foods in a blender, add milk/curd and pulse away. If you want to add more smoothie recipes to your menu for a greater variety, we have a perfect one for you. You may have made banana smoothie many times, but how about leveling it up with more body and some chocolate flavor too? We can already imagine you drooling.

This banana oats smoothie is super easy to make with just a handful of ingredients. Dietitian Akanksha J Sharda shared this delicious smoothie recipe of her Instagram page ‘_healthonmyplate’. It is full of proteins from milk, fiber from oats and various vitamins and minerals from banana. But the highlight is the addition of cocoa powder for that extra yummy flavour.

All this in one glass of joy! And you won’t need more than 5 minutes to make this wholesome smoothie on a hasty morning. This smoothie is under 300 calories so don’t worry about gaining any extra pounds. Without further ado, let’s check out the recipe for this chocolate-flavoured banana oats smoothie.

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Cocoa Banana Smoothie Recipe I How To Make Cocoa Banana Smoothie

Take half cup oats, 1 banana and blend them together with skimmed milk or oats milk. Also add 1 tsp cocoa powder. Now with the presence of the sweet fruit of banana and cocoa powder, you don’t need to add any sweetener! It will taste just fine without sugar. Isn’t it amazing?

Pour the smoothie is a tall glass; you can also top it with some nuts and seeds for some more nutrition and energy.

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Never go a day without having breakfast. With this easy and nutritious smoothie recipe, enjoy breakfast EVERY DAY.

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