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Professional Chef From Singapore Sells Street Food In Mohali, Video Goes Viral
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India is one country where you can find people doing all kinds of jobs and overcoming the obstacles to make a living. And, thanks to the internet, we are constantly exposed to stories like these that inspire us to pursue our hopes and dreams. We have discovered another such story that is sure to make you smile. While scrolling down our Instagram feed, we came across a video shared by digital creator @therealharryuppal and it has already warmed many people’s hearts. The story is about a professional female chef from Singapore selling Punjabi delicacies in the streets of Mohali. She is seen in the video standing behind a table with food containers in front of her. Her thali includes four sabzis. In fact, she changes her menu for her patrons every day. Only one item remains on the menu is Kadhi. Take a look below to watch the full video.

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This video has gone viral, with over 15.1 million people watching it. It has also received more than 676k likes. The location of the video is said to be Sector 91, Mohali. In the short video, we see the chef discussing the variety of food she provides to the crowd. She also goes on to discuss how quickly her food starts selling between the hours.

The dedication of this street vendor sparked the interest of Instagram users. “Very nice to see youngsters coming back to their homeland and selling food in a hygienic manner. Wish her all the best,’ wrote one user, while another said, “She is an inspiration to millions of people, proud of this girl.’

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