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Priyanka Chopra’s Coffee Post Is All Things Relatable, Here’s Why
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Priyanka Chopra’s recent visit to India was all about work commitments, some quality time with her loved ones and of course, her favorite desi food. However, the actress has now returned to the US. Her latest Instagram Stories also showed that Priyanka enjoyed a romantic night walk with her husband Nick Jonas. Oh, and there was a glimpse of her latest culinary adventure on Instagram Stories. Can you guess what? A sumptuous coffee. Yes, Priyanka just relished a delicious coffee at Nellie’s Southern Kitchen. Her frothy brew with a woman’s face imprinted on the foam looked gorgeous and tasty, indeed. Along with the restaurant, she tagged Paul Kevin Jonas and Denise Jonas.

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We are sure you can relate to Priyanka Chopra’s coffee update. With the winter season going on, all we want to do is enjoy coffee every now and then. There are ways you can come up with some delectable coffee at home yourself. So, cheers up and we bring you about five amazing coffee recipes that you can try your hands on.

1) Dark Chocolate Coffee

Trust us, this can be the most comforting thing you can have in this nippy weather. A cup of drool-worthy dark chocolate coffee carries a perfect blend of chocolate and coffee. You just need some dark chocolate, water, milk, coffee and sugar to prepare this one.

2) Instant Coffee

No, you don’t always have to engage in a long process to make coffee. Sometimes, when you are badly craving a steaming hot cuppa, quickly, make this and you are good to go. Just mix some instant coffee with hot water and add the desired amount of milk.

Spiced Coffee

This drink comes with a desi twist. Are you ready for it? Spiced coffee is flavored with cardamom and ginger. And considering the cold weather, a hot brew of this sort will keep you healthy and prepare your body to fight seasonal infections.

4) Filter Coffee

This special coffee, from South India, has a fanbase of its own. It’s foamy and basically all things delicious required to kickstart your day on a wonderful note. Also, the special thing here is that filter coffee is made using a perforated container.


Sometimes, a large cup of cappuccino is the only thing your heart desires to keep you motivated throughout the day. It’s usually prepared with basic five ingredients including milk, cinnamon stick, strong coffee, sugar and ground cinnamon.

So, which coffee are you planning on making now?

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