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“Pehle Paet Pooja,” Says Hina Khan After A Long Day At Work
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Imagine this: You had a long day at work, and now you also have to travel for hours to reach your home. As you stand in the metro or sit in your car to return home, your tummy starts rumbling, and hunger strikes. Even though you may have the option of eating food outside, nothing beats the comfort of a meal at home. So, as soon as you reach your destination, the first thing is to set your plates and have a meal in peace. And if you think you are the only one who goes through this routine, celebrities are no less! Recently, as Hina Khan had a long day at work, the first thing that she did was to have a wholesome meal.

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Hina Khan often shares glimpses of her indulgences on Instagram. More than often, you will find her digging into various cuisines. But this time, her simple home-cooked meal surely caught our attention.

Hina Khan took to Instagram and shared a snapshot of her meal. On the plate, you can spot a lauki, aloo beans, boiled potato, and a chickpea salad with arbi and a roti. In the story, she wrote, “Din-Din. Haven’t even changed, and hungry. Pehle paet pooja.” Take a look at her story below:

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Looks delicious, right? Hina often shares about her yummy indulgences and leaves us drooling. If you are someone who enjoys a comforting meal, then you will relate to Hina Khan! Earlier, the actress was seen devouring a healthy bowl of soup. Her hearty bowl of soup appeared to be delectable and comforting. She happily revealed what she had for dinner to her fans and captioned the story “good soup.” You can read all about it here.

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As Hina Khan keeps sharing about her culinary adventures, what do you think she will devour next? Let us know in the comments below!

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