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Mira Kapoor Is Still “Dreaming About Dal Batti Churma And Aloo Pyaz Sabzi”
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Jaipur is Mira Kapoor’s “soul city”. We aren’t saying this. She did herself. The diva, in an Instagram post, has beautifully explained the various reasons behind it. From childhood memories and locals to the intensity of culture and art forms, she loves every bit about the city. And, of course, the delicious food. Mira’s love for yummilicious meals is no news. Now, Mira has discovered an “amazing thali place”, which was a simple vegetarian eatery. Going by her post, she is still “dreaming about the Dal Batti Churma and the Aloo Pyaaz Sabzi.” Well, not just words, Mira has some visual treats as well that will leave you craving some authentic traditional food. In her “postcard from the Pink City”, Mira has added a photograph of the yummy thali. And, oh boy; it looks every bit delectable. We were able to spot churma, batti, two dry vegetables, one dal, two curry vegetables, raita topped with chopped onions, tomatoes, and zucchini. The thali also has a side of salad accompanied by green chilli pickle and two types of bread. It’s heaven on a platter for all vegetarians.

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Hold on, Mira Kapoor’s food shenanigan is not over yet. As you swipe left, the last slide, in her Jaipur journal, features her enjoying a glass of lassi and kachoris. The lassi is served in khulad. For this indulgence, Mira wrote, “Do not miss Rawat ki Kachori. I had one every day with lassi.”

While we cannot transport you to Mira Kapoor’s favorite thali outlet in Jaipur, we surely can bring you recipes to recreate the Rajasthani thali at home. Check it out:

1.Gate Rasedar

The first item to go on your Rajasthani thali is gatte ki sabzi. It is cooked with gram flour dumplings, which are added to a spicy gravy. You can always use curd to balance out the spices.

2. Rajasthani Dal Banjara

Add a bowl of this delicious Rajasthani Dal Banjara, which is a mix of urad and chana dal tempered with flavourful spices.

3. Mix Vegetable Raita

What is your preference for raita? Do you like it thick and creamy or with a runny consistency? Whatever it may be, this recipe has the right mix of vegetables, spices and luscious curd.

4. Bajre Ki Roti

This is a healthy and hearty bread made with pearl millet. It is served with dry curries and sabzi for lunch and dinner.

5. Ghevar

For dessert lovers, ghevar is your stop. It is prepared with refined flour, saffron, cardamom, milk and oodles of fresh desi ghee. This disc-shaped sweetmeat comes with many delectable toppings like malai, rabdi, and mawa.

Now, enjoy the Rajasthani platter right in the comfort of your home.

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