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Mindy Kaling’s Latest Binge Is All About Delicious Gujarati Food
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Mindy Kaling is one of the most popular Indian-American celebrities in Hollywood! From creating the hit show “Never Have I Ever” to starring in the iconic situational comedy “The Office”, Mindy Kaling has been representing the Indian community within the industry for over a decade. While we love her for the work she has done to represent the community, we love her more for her foodie side! Yes, you read it right. Mindy Kaling is a big foodie and she loves to indulge in Indian food. While Mindy Kaling was born in the United States Of America, she has remained connected to her Indian roots through food.

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The actress is half Tamilian and half Bengali but she loves to indulge in all Indian cuisines! However, she seems to have a soft spot for Gujarati food. Wondering how we know that?! We have caught Mindy Kaling gushing over Gujarati food not once but twice now! Mindy Kaling took to her Instagram account and shared that she has been enjoying delicious Gujarati home cooking. Take a look:


In the image, we saw her eating a Gujarati-style beans sabzi along with a Gujarati curry. She accompanied her Instagram story with the caption “Day 4 of eating @dulariamin’s delicious Guajarati home cooking”. The meal looked absolutely scrumptious! Just looking at her Gujarati meal had us craving for some too! If you are having similar cravings, then we have found some easy Gujarati recipes you can make at home:

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Before this, Mindy Kaling was hankering for some dhokla and the actress cum writer ended up gorging on a full course Gujarati meal with over four dishes. She even had a big smile on when was indulging in her Gujarati feast. We even spotted her enjoying South Indian food once! She was eating dosa, chicken curry and more!

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