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How To Make Sooji Corn Tikki – A Perfect Starter Recipe
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House parties and gatherings with family are so much fun. However, if you are the host and discover that you have nothing to offer your guests, the party may not be as exciting as you had hoped. Fear not – we’ve got you covered if you’re short on time and unsure of what to serve your guests. Here we bring you an ultimate last-minute party snack idea that is not only delicious but also simple and quick to prepare. It is called Sooji Corn Tikki. You’ll be able to save time and effort with this recipe for a quick snack. Bring it to your rescue and be the life of the party!

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This delicious combination of sweet corn and crispy sooji batter will have you craving more. All you need to make this are a couple of packets of corn kernels, sooji, seasonings, and oil to fry. That’s all you need to have at home to impress your guests with this magical treat. You can serve it with both sweet and savoury accords. Let’s get started with the recipe. Take a look below.

Sooji Corn Tikki Recipe: How To Make Sooji Corn Tikki

To begin with, coarsely blend the corn kernels. Add chopped green chillies, coriander leaves, and some seasonings like salt to taste, red chilli powder, and ginger garlic paste. Once done, mix everything well.

Then add 1-2 boiled potatoes, and mix until well combined. Once done, take a small portion out of the dough and make a tikki. Repeat the same with the remaining mixture. Once done, coat the tikki with sooji batter. And shallow/deep fry until perfection. Voila, your delish is ready to be relished!

Can anything be easier than this? We guess nothing! For more such quick and easy party starter recipes, click here.

Try it at home and let us know how you and your guests liked it in the comments below. Happy Snacking!

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