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How To Make Mithai Ki Chaat – Recipe Inside
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In India, chaat holds a special place in all our hearts. Crispy papdi, bhel etc mixed with chutney, sev and some flavourful masalas – chaat spells indulgence. You will find a chaat corner at every nook and corner of the country. And it is fascinating to see how versatile a chaat recipe can be. In fact, each state has its unique way of making chaat. For instance, papdi chaat in North India includes more dahi than the ones available in West Bengal. Again, dahi vada in South India finds a difference in flavour, masalas and the sourness of the dahi used. Then there are some specific chat recipes, which are unique to each region. In Delhi, you will find samosa chaat – samosas broken into pieces, served with dahi, chutney, sev and masalas on it. In Bihar, you will find chotpoti – a spicy sprout mixture that is both healthy and delicious. The best part is, each of these chaat recipes can easily be replicated at home.

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Now-a-days, we also find people going creative with chaat recipes. There’s rasgulla chaat, nacho chaat, Wai Wai chaat and more. We recently came across another such creative chaat recipe that left us totally amused. It is called mithai ki chaat – ideal for the ones with sweet tooth. Hence, we thought of sharing it with you. Let’s take a look.

How To Make Mithai Ki Chaat:

From the very name – mithai ki chaat – we can understand it is a mishmash of more than one sweet dish. And you can go as creative as you want with this unique dessert.

For this particular recipe, we used kaju barfi, motichoor laddu, gulab jamun, rasgulla, soan papdi and rabdi. However, you can customize the mithai as per your palate (sans the rabdi).

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To start with, bread the mithais into small pieces and place on a hot tawa. Next, make some space at the center and add rabdi. Keep it like that for some time, until everything turns warm.
Finally, mix all the elements together and serve hot. You can garnish the dish with some almond and pistachio flakes.

Click here for the detailed recipe of mithai ki chaat.

Try this dish for your next dinner party at home and impress friends and family.

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