DressCode Wardrobe Organizer System by Hafele-Latestgrouplink

DressCode Wardrobe Organizer System by Hafele-Latestgrouplink
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Having a perfect solution for storing your wardrobe essentials has become the need of the hour. DressCode by Hafele is a cabinet organizer system, a combination of design and function, that offers maximum versatility and convenience, consistently clear design language and functional ideas that make life easier.


DressCode Wardrobe Organizer System by Hafele Latestgrouplink

DressCode Wardrobe Organizer System by Hafele


It is a uniform modular system that perfectly equips your wardrobe with easy-to-combine elements that can be adapted to the individual needs of the users making the construction and assembly fast, intuitive, and tool-free. Intelligently designed, the newly developed connector system provides a solid wardrobe interior with just a few quick steps.


DressCode can be installed within a built-in wardrobe and is also available with freestanding aluminium frames to be installed as a stand-alone system. With various customisation options available along with numerous accessories to select from, like a wardrobe rail, pull-out trouser rack, multifunctional pull-out, textile storage, felt inserts, wardrobe lift, shelves, and pull-out frames, you can organize your wardrobe simply and effortlessly.


Explore this elegant, plug-and-play cabinet organizer system at the Hafele Booth this ACETECH. Come Reimagine easiness, convenience, flexibility and innovation while you draw many ideas and inspirations from our real-life product displays.


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On: 10th to 13th November 2022

At: The Hafele Booth, ACETECH Exhibition, Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC), Mumbai.

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