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Chai Malai Toast – A ‘Mazedar’ Banarsi Nashta Recipe By Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we all agree. From wholesome upmas, filling dosas, and feather-light idlis down in the South to piping hot parathas and kulcha in the North, we are spoiled for choices. Don’t you think? And, now, to amp up the breakfast experience, we have brought you an easy peasy and super yummy recipe. Courtesy: celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor. He has shared the “Banarsi way” of having a “mazedar nashta (breakfast).” All you have to do is prepare a cup of tea and a toast. Yes, we are talking about the all-time hit “Chai Malai Toast”.

“The Banarsi way of having a mazedar nashta (breakfast). Mota toast, upar malai aur chini, waah, maza aa gaya (thick toast, top it with clotted cream and sugar),,” the text attached to the video read.

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Step 1: Place your tea pan on the stove with some water. Add tea leaves, and sugar. Once it comes to a boil, you can pour in some milk, and turn the flame to low. The quantity of these ingredients is subjective to what kind of tea you prefer.

Step 2: Meanwhile, crush some peeled ginger, cardamom, and cloves, together. Add it to your tea and after a boil or two, turn off the gas.

Step 3: Now, it is time to prepare the malai toast. Needless to say, the first step is to toast two slices of bread. You can either use a toaster or simply do it on a pan.

Step 4: Spread some malai evenly on the bread and sprinkle sugar on top. Make sure, each bite should have a crunch of sugar.

Step 5: Strain the tea in a cup, and place your malai toast next to it. And, the Banarsi breakfast is ready.

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