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British Chef Cooks Different Indian Regional Cuisines;  Video Goes Viral
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A British food blogger has made it his mission to explore all the regional cuisines of India. Jake Dryan, who goes by @plantfuture on Instagram, has dedicated his profile to learn more and more about Indian cuisine by cooking different recipes. He dedicates each week to the cuisine of a particular place and then cooks the popular dishes from that cuisine. The chef has cooked Maharashtrian, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Gujarati and South Indian foods till now and has covered dishes like pav bhaji, aloo paratha, dal batti, sarson ka saag, dosa and much more. He mainly focuses on the vegetarian variety of food offered within Indian cuisine. He has over 337k followers, out of which many are Indians!

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In his recent videos, he is focusing on the food found in Telangana and one of the videos has gone viral! With over 1.6 million views and 61.8 k likes, the first dish he shared with his followers from rich and local cuisine is the Hyderabadi khatti dal. This sour dal uses the simple and delicate flavor of tamarind extract to enhance the toor dal. Take a look at how he recreated this Hyderabadi delicacy:

People were inspired by how he made the Hyderabadi khatti dal! Here is what people commented on the viral video:

“As a Hyderabadi, this makes me happy”

“I’m from Telangana. Love the song along with the dal. Looking forward to see more Telangana recipes!”

“My Hyderabadi roommate got me hooked on khatti dal but she cooked it very simply, she just added lemon after the dal is boiled no tadka, and it tasted heavenly with white rice”

“Omggggg!!! As a Telganite, this made me so happy!”

“This one is authentic Telangana dish, which almost every home in Telangana cooks”

What do you think of this British chef cooking authentic Indian recipes? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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