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Agra Street Vendor Makes Beer Chowmein;  Internet Reactions
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Desi chowmein is a treat enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to adults, alike. Nothing beats a spoonful of street-style chowmein that comes with so many fiery toppings and sauces. Whatever the weather, no foodie can resist a steaming plate of noodles with a plethora of flavor combinations and intriguing concoctions. However, we recently came across a street vendor who made chowmein by combining noodles and beer. Believe it or not, the bizarre fusion dish was indeed created by an Agra stall, and the video was widely circulated on Instagram Reels. Take a look at this:

The food blogger @foodie.akshat posted the video on Instagram, where it has received nearly 700k views and 17k likes. The making of desi chowmein is shown in the video. The vendor begins by heating a large wok and then pouring a bottle of beer. He then began the process of making chowmein in the same manner.

This isn’t the first time a strange food combination has gone viral. We’ve seen it all on Instagram, from mango Maggi to pani puri ice cream. Some of these experiments may turn out to be a hit while others may turn out to be a total disaster. Click here to learn more about these bizarre fusion foods.

With so many new experiments and innovations out there, it’s impossible to predict what will appear in our social media feeds next. What did you think of the beer-based desi chowmein? Tell us in the comments section below. For more such bizarre food combinations, keep visiting our website.

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